About Us

Since 2017, Hellotask Platform Ltd. has been dedicated to connecting blue-collar workers to digital work platforms. Focusing on formalizing the lives of one billion domestic workers, especially those without smartphones or internet access, Hellotask has developed groundbreaking technology named Computer APA where APA means Any Phone Automation. In Bangladesh, where domestic work is the second-largest workforce, these individuals lacked formalized institutions, resulting in low wages and exclusion from GDP contributions. Hellotask emerged as the first platform addressing these issues. 

Formerly, domestic workers navigated job searches independently, paying hefty commissions. Hellotask’s innovation solved connectivity problems, enabling workers to find jobs effortlessly. With the platform, they can undertake multiple tasks at 2x the hourly rate, fostering a dignified workplace with reduced harassment incidents. Payments through Mobile Financial Services (MFS) enhance financial inclusion, allowing workers to enter the banking system and cultivate savings habits.


Hellotask is dedicated to creating a platform for blue-collar workers that goes beyond profits, aiming to positively impact their lives. We prioritize collaboration with development organizations to enhance the skillsets and training of domestic workers. Our commitment extends to supporting domestic workers through various compassionate initiatives.


Hellotask envisions formalizing the largest workforce in Bangladesh, the blue-collar sector, by creating a dignified platform for these workers.

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