Connecting Blue-Collar
Workers with or without smartphones.

Currently based in Bangladesh, helping Dhaka households hire skilled domestic workers – reliable maids, cooks, and cleaners available on-demand or monthly.

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Join thousands of users
using HelloTask!

Join thousands of users
using HelloTask!

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Is your regular maid absent today? Get a backup maid and pay hourly. Or, if you’re sick and tired of the current one, find a monthly maid – absolutely free, no platform fee.

Why, What, and then How!

HelloTask is more than a business

We’re not just facilitating jobs – we’re creating an industry where dignity,
fair earnings, and digital access are rights for everyone.

Revolutionizing Blue-Collar
Jobs with Direct Connections

We’re changing how blue-collar jobs work in developing countries by connecting workers directly to jobs, bypassing the usual local contractors.

Digital Inclusion -

Bringing the Internet to Every
Worker, Smartphone or Not

Using an AI-Driven IVR technology, we’re connecting workers who don’t have smartphones to the internet, making our digital world reachable for all.


Bangladesh's First Digital
Domestic Worker Platform

HelloTask is Bangladesh’s first digital platform helping domestic workers, a groundbreaking step in a field with no prior digital tools.

Innovation -

Innovating for Safer,
Better Workplaces

Every innovation at HelloTask makes a real difference. Learn how our smart solutions are making workplaces safer and better.

Safer Neighborhoods

Get exclusive HelloTask sponsorship
for your housing society

Through our ‘Safe Worker, Safer Home’ project, we verify the identities of all 
domestic workers in a society and provide them with free uniforms.


Apply for Sponsorship Fill out the application to start the sponsorship process.

Meet Committee

Meet with the Committee: Arrange a meeting to discuss details with the housing committee.

Sign an MoU

Sign an MoU Formalize the partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.


Get Covered: Done! It takes us two weeks to launch exclusive HelloTask service in a new society.

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Supported by The World Bank, USAID, OXFAM and
University of Kent : Join Our Mission for
Inclusion and Equality. 

Though a for-profit entity, HelloTask is deeply committed to,

fostering inclusion

reducing poverty and

ensuring gender equality

We’re proud to collaborate with international INGOs like USAID and OXFAM on special projects aligned with our goals. To stay informed about our progress and initiatives, please leave your email with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Mahmudul Hasan Likhon and Mehedi Shoron are two visionary brothers who embarked on a pioneering journey in this sector. They initiated their venture with RobotDako in 2017, a delivery platform. Inspired by the vision to formalize the domestic workers sector, they went on to establish HelloTask in 2020

All the domestic workers of HelloTask are verified and HelloTask could track them if needed. Also after end of the work the client could search the domestic workers through the help of a female member. After that client will give the impunity to the domestic workers through Hellotask App. Till now HelloTask served more then 600K orders and only 3 theft case happened till now and the domestic workers ho are involved with it get arraested. All HelloTask’s domestic workers go through thorough verification, ensuring they are genuine, and HelloTask can track them if necessary. After completing their work, clients can search for domestic workers with the help of a female member. Clients can then provide feedback and ratings to domestic workers using the HelloTask App. So far, HelloTask has completed over 600,000 orders, with only three reported theft cases. In each case, the involved domestic workers were quickly apprehended. 

HelloTask currently offers services in four key areas of Dhaka City: Dhanmondi, Mirpur DOHS, Basundhara, and Uttara. If you reside in a housing society within Dhaka city and wish to bring HelloTask’s services to your community, simply connect us with your housing society committee. We’ll initiate services in your housing society as well!

Currently, HelloTask does not offer Live-In domestic worker services. However, we are excited to share that we are planning to introduce caregiving experts in the near future, encompassing services for both children and older individuals.

"This is lucky. I am really satisfied with her service. She is fast and clean in every task. Amazing performance. But sadly, it's tough to get her on time due to high demand."
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