Meet our top maid
Jannati Khatun
Best rated maid. Served 500+ users with 98% of 5-star rating. She used to do tuition to earn money but now she is a freelance maid. She found her job respectful. She is a self reliant student. Users love her.
A maid of Advanced level. Served 1000+ orders with 5-star rating. Very good at communication. Asma joined Hellotask as a Basic maid, later received training and promoted to Advanced level.
Papia Akter
A maid that users love to have. Served 500+ orders with 96% of 5star rating. Papia is very swift at work and made a lot of users happy. Her income doubled after joining Hellotask.
Most experienced maid. She has been working orking at Hellotask since 2018. Served more than 2000 orders. She owns Hellotask as her family and she will keep serving thousands of users with utmost care.
Will be Available Soon