Have any questions?
HelloTask is an app based domestic helper sourcing platform. We connect the nearest available verified and skilled domestic helpers to users on demand basis. Domestic helpers are trained on different soft skill like communication, hygiene and occupational skills like cleaning, cooking, caregiving. They are categorized based on their skills that helps users choose what kind of service they need. Our price is calculated on working duration not types of work.
What is HelloTask? How does the service work?
HelloTask is an uber-like verified maid service providing company. You can hire a Maid for one or more days from HelloTask by going through certain steps from the app or website.
How do I use your app?
To use the HelloTask app, you must first download the app from the App Store on Android or iPhone. Then you have to register the account by verifying the mobile number through OTP. After that you can book our maid services from the app.
Where is the HelloTask office Located?
The corporate office of HelloTask Platform Ltd is at Mohammadpur, Dhaka. Address: House No 5, Road No 8, Block F, Niketon, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212
Do Maids employed in HelloTask?
No, we do not employ any maid. They are registered as a freelance verified worker in HelloTask
Can I Hire any Permanent Maid?
We have not yet started providing permanent Maid services. If you need a permanent maid, you can fill out the form by clicking this link. We will contact you when we launch the service.
Who are the Founders of HelloTask?
HelloTask is Owned by Singapore based technology company, HelloTask PTE Ltd. Two Brothers, Mahmudul Hasan Likhon & Mehedi Shoron are the Founders of HelloTask.
What is instant Maid service?
Usually, one day service is called instant service at HelloTask. This is because the Maid can reach the customer's home within an hour of ordering the one-day service/ Instant Service.
How does your service cost?
We charge BDT 59 per hour for instant service. We also take a little amount of service charge which varies by area. However, in most areas, it is usually 50 BDT. For example, if you take two hours of Instant service, then you have to pay 59*2+50=168 BDT. If you take 3 hours of Instant service then you have to pay, 59*3+50=227 BDT.
I don't understand what this 'base fee' is.
Service charges are sometimes called 'base fees'. We do charge a fee for each service, which includes costs like- Maid's travel fare, service processing costs from the call center, etc.
How long before should I order to get the service?
Usually, if you order one hour before your expecting maid arrival time, that should be okay. Our maids normally take 50-60 min to reach the customer's house. A feature like Scheduling for instant service has not been added yet.
How do I order with your app?
Login to your HelloTask app. You will get two drop-down options on your homepage about selecting the days and times. Now place the order by selecting the desired service hours and days.
What Kind of work does HelloTask maids do?
What kind of work the Maid will do those can be seen on the Maid category page when placing the order. However, in general, cooking, cleaning, washing, and laundry are the four types of work that Maids do by their training level. But if you take Basic level maid to cook, they will do but they don't have any training. you must take an advanced level maid for cooking.
It shows a lot of available maids on your app but doesn't connect anyone.
We are trying to solve this problem as soon as possible. However, this is usually due to the fact that even though many Maids are registered on our platform, not everyone works every day. Nevertheless, our technical team is working to find out the number of daily active Maids in a more accurate way.
After the order is accepted, the Maid is not available on the phone.
If the Maid does not pick up the phone or the number is off even after the Maid is assigned, then wait a while and let us know in the call center number (09678 793030), we will assign a new Maid.
The maid who came yesterday had a good job; can she be given again tomorrow?
Our system is, the Maid has worked in your home before and you gave her a good rating, if she is free, and accepts your work, she will be connected. If for some reason she is not connected, we cannot connect her manually.
Can I order 2 hours at Instant Service and let her work for more than 2 hours, if needed?
Yes, you can. But in that case, the bill will increase minute-wise.
Well, I want to know the details about your monthly package.
You can take a 26-day monthly package. Maids get one day off every week. You can book a Maid for a minimum of 3 hours. If you want, you can book more hours for different shifts. 3 Hours, 26-day monthly Maid package costs 4122 BDT.
Will the same Maid come every day to the package service?
The same Maid will come every day in the package services. If for some reason the Maid cannot go, we will send another Maid, or the package will increase by one day or the money will be refunded for that particular day.
Will she come at the right time every day?
Maids usually arrive at the customer's home on time. If she is late for any reason, the customers can complain to us if they want. These complaints help us to arrange training sessions for the Maids.
Do I have to pay in advance?
In the case of a monthly package, full payment has to be made in advance. Then the Maid will assign and start work.
What if you don't send a maid after paying in advance?
This is not usually the case. However, if for some reason we are unable to send a Maid, we will refund you in full within 7 business days.
What if the maid doesn't come regularly?
The day the Maid does not come, you will complain to us through the app, then we will send another Maid, or the package will increase by one day or money will be refunded for that particular date.
What if I give my maid a leave or go on a vacation?
There is no such option in our service. You must complete the service within the validity of the package, otherwise, the days on which you are not staying will also be counted as service days and the Maid will receive the full payment.
What if the maid doesn't work well?
Then we would request you to complain. Complaints like these help us to train our maids well.
What if I want to cancel after a while?
In that case, 300 BDT will be deducted as cancellation fee and the rest will be refunded.
Are HelloTask maids safe?
Each of our Maids is verified. Through the Porichoy Gateway By the Government of Bangladesh, we verify the NID and the birth certificate of the Maids. This means we do not register Maids without verified documents. So, Maids are certainly safe. Also, in the last three years, we have provided more than one lakh services, but the rate of unwanted incidents is less than 0.1%.
Can I trust HelloTask Maid?
Of course, trustworthy. Since they are all verified, there is no chance of any untoward incident. Because our policy is to help the victim by giving them all the information we recorded.
Any possibility of your maid stealing something?
The answer from a general point of view is - no, not. But it is not possible for any party to guarantee that the accident will never happen. But since we store verified national identity cards or birth registrations, the help of law enforcement can easily be taken in case of an accident. We also allow the client to search our maid by a female member of the house after work.
What if your maid steals something or does some kind of damage?
Since the Maid has to be searched at the end of the work, if something is stolen, it should be caught immediately. We will take necessary action if any untoward incident is reported to us as soon as it is detected. But once the work is done and the Maid is released through digital signature, we have nothing more to do.
If the maid damages something on the work?
We usually pay compensation up to BDT 20,000 in such cases. The thing that is damaged or broken, 50% of the original price will be covered by the insurance up to 20,000 BDT
How to order with the app?
By logging in to the HelloTask app, you can easily place an order from the home page by selecting how many days and for how many hours you need a Maid and what level (Basic, Advanced, Premium) the Maid you want. If you are requesting service for one day, you will be contacted shortly after placing the order. And if you want package service for more than one day, it takes normally 24hours to contact.
I have downloaded the app, but no OTP comes after giving the number.
The problem of not getting OTP usually happens rarely. we use Google's OTP service. Most of the time, Google stops sending SMS to try OTP over and over again. In that case, you should wait a while and request OTP again after some time. If it still doesn't work, you can let us know the call center.
I want to order from the app but after selecting time the next option is not coming.
Several things can happen in this case. It may be, there are no Maids in your area. In that case, look at the number of available Maids at the top of the app. If there are available Maids, try to order by selecting the two dropdowns again, for how many days and for how long. If it doesn't work, let us know in the call center.
I started the job by mistake.
In that case you need to inform the call center. We will investigate and try to adjust the bill. However, we request not to start the work until the Maid arrives.
I can't stop the work from your app, I am giving the pin number of the maid, but the keyboard is not coming.
You can report the problem to our call center. We will stop 'the work' from the back end and take the initiative to fix the problem on your device.
How do I pay online?
Paying online is very easy. At the end of the work, you can easily pay us with the details of your mobile banking or card by selecting the bKash/Nagad or card payment option from the app. One thing to note is, we never store the confidential information of any card or mobile banking service. We were not even given that ability from the gateway. So, like other ecommerce, you can make online payments at HelloTask with full confidence.
Why would I input my number or PIN number in the app?
Because this is the universal process for online payment. And the system in which you are giving the card number or PIN number is a system developed directly by your financial services provider. Which we have no access to. We just used the solution in our app.
What type of jobs can your maid do?
Our Maids usually do things like cooking, cleaning, washing, and laundry. You will also be able to see more details from the page of maid level what kind of work the Maid does at that level when ordering.
Are HelloTask's Maids trained?
We provide basic to premium level training for all types of Maids. We do not activate any Maid's account without training.
Are the maids skilled in work?
Since we activate the account by training all the Maids, we should say that our Maids must be skilled. But then if you don't like the work of a Maid, you can help filter out unskilled Maids with a low rating.
Your maid works a lot slower.
We are constantly working with Maids on this issue. We are counseling them so that they can work faster or things like slow work do not happen intentionally. If you still get such service, you can complain to us. Then we can easily take action against them.
Is there a discount for reviewing on Facebook using a picture of a Maid?
Yes. We encourage customers to review our Maids with pictures. Reviews can be of any kind, Negative or positive. But if you give an honest review, we appreciate the customer with a promo code of BDT 50.
In which areas do you have services?
We have coverage in most areas of Dhaka City except Puran Dhaka. You need to install the app for more detailed information. From the app, you can see if there are Maids available in your area.
Do you have any Promotional offers now?
We have a referral campaign going on. If you refer your acquaintances to HelloTask, you and he/she will both get a 100-taka discount on the next order.
I have been searching for maids for a long time, but I am not getting one.
There are no active Maids in your area at the moment. You can leave a message on our Facebook page, then we will contact you. We are constantly working to increase our capacity. Hopefully, the problem will be solved in a few days.
I need a maid to cook.
You can hire our basic Maid. If basic Maids do not have cooking training, still they cook. Customers have to wait a few more days for a trained cook. Training of our advanced Maids is going on. They are trained for cooking.
Are you serving at the bachelor's house?
We do not provide services without the presence of a female member at home. Because we recommend searching the Maids at the end of the work so that the Maids can be released without any hesitation. Only with the presence of male member's searching will is not possible.
Do you provide Babysitter & Nanny services?
We have not yet launched such a service. But hopefully, in a few days, we will be able to launch babysitter or nanny service.
I have Pets like dogs and cats in my house, is there any problem?
There is no problem with the presence of the dog or a cat. However, many of our Maids do not clean pet excrement & Do not have the policy to force them.
How do I use the app from my iPhone?
If you go to the iPhone App Store and search by typing HelloTask, you will get our app. Install it. Then you can take our service.
Calling your helpline several times, No one is taking the call.
We are constantly increasing the number of our customer support executives. Hopefully, this problem will be solved in a few days. If you want you can message us on our Facebook page, then you will get a quick response.
How are you serving at this time?
We are giving proper training to the Maids, regarding safety in Covid-19. All our Maids work according to the highest hygiene. They use masks regularly.
Do your maids wear masks?
We have made it mandatory for our Maids to wear masks. They are all aware of the safety of the coronavirus.
Do you know about Maid covid-19?
We are giving proper training to the Maids about safety during covid time. All our Maids work according to the highest hygiene. They use masks regularly.
Will the maid take a bath after reaching here?
At present that option is no more. The Maid will take adequate security before coming to work and will start working by washing hands, mouth, etc.
Do you provide service in Puran Dhaka?
We are not providing service in Puran Dhaka yet. Hopefully, we will be able to launch the service very soon.